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Abortion pill is safe to terminate of pregnancy

Nicholas Howard
Feb. 23, 2015

Nicholas howard health specialist, MD with 20+  years of experience in healthcare, and writer of many pharmacy companies. Writes latest news, blogs and articles on abortion pill, MTP kit and medical abortion. have received M.D and B.S(Biology) from Harvard university.

Is medical abortion safe?

Use of abortion pill which contains two ingredients viz. Mifespristone and Misoprostol proves to be lifesaving agent. In a survey conducted to know the frequency of clinical visits by women during the  process of abortion, it has been recorded that approximately 2 to 3 women per 100 go to a doctor or hospital for due assistance. In some parts of the world where child birth is considered as safe and sound event nearly one in ten thousand women expires during childbirth because of some medical complications. It is hard to believe that 1 behind 10,0000 women who prefer medical abortion die each year. It highlights a fact that medical abortions are as safe as natural miscarriages. With the help of mifepristone and misoprostol 1.5 million women in Europe ended pregnancies. Mifepristone and misoprostol have registered success rate of 95% to 98%. World Health Organization, a specialized wing of united nations has displayed these pills in the list of essential medicines.

Risk factor present in an abortion pill?

Risk is everywhere. But it is upon you what you choose.  Statistical data indicates that more than 27% women preferred medical abortion over surgical abortion, whereas nearly 7% women went for surgical termination of pregnancy. But two weeks later 75% women who did undergo medical abortion experienced problem of bleeding and only 35% women had observed the same issue who did surgical abortion. Failure rate is comparatively higher in medical abortion than surgical. So, these are certain risks that present in the medical abortion but if a course is completed under doctor’s supervision then chances of positive result are on higher side.

What kind of precautions are necessary?

May it be MTP kit or other abortion pill there are some common precautions to be taken otherwise you will land in big trouble. 

1) Do not exceed the limit of dosage without proper consultation with a doctor.

2) In case if you miss a dosage for the day at fixed time then take it as long as you remember.

3) Do not take two dosages consecutively it may take heavy toll on your life and it is to be considered as medical emergency.

4) If you do not want to terminate pregnancy then do not consume abortion pill.

5) Verify your pregnancy to start a course.

6) It is your right so execute with due caution.

7) Smoking and drinking during the process is banned.

8) Do not discontinue this drug just because you feel to stop it.

I want to know about the mechanism of abortion pill?

Abortion pill has two ingredients that act as anti-Progestin and anti-Estrogen. It compresses the size of uterine and prevents the egg from initiating the process of fertilization. It terminates the pregnancy within first trimester that is nine weeks of gestation period.

Guide me about dosages?

MTP kit comprises 200mcg of Mifepristone and 200mcg of Misoprostol but there is a one tablet of Mifepristone and four tablets of Misoprostol. Swallow these tablets with full glass of water. Do not cut them into pieces and try to dissolve it in water. If you do not understand the language of instructions it is advised to contact doctor to avoid confusion. This abortion pill is approved by FDA. It is safe and secure.

What is the best source to buy an abortion pill?

End consumer is free to buy abortion pill online, many people are afraid of being cheated or exploited but online market established by retailer is much more better and advanced than your perception. These are not certain pills which are available in every small medical shop at economical rate. Thus, if you buy abortion pill online then probability is higher that you will get it at relatively low price.  Once you order a product, it will be shipped at your door step.

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