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Are you dreaming baby in your lap? Use HCG Pregnyl 5000 IU and 10000 IU

Keith Lawrence
Jan. 27, 2017

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Many women grow up dreaming about the day when she will have children. The forces that throw into these desires are complex, spiritual, powerful, and sometimes unexplainable. The desire for children is a deep primitive require and being incapable of conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term can be devas­tating. A woman always believed that she would have children without any problems—as many as she wished and when she decided, it was the right time. Unfortunately, after four years of trial and error, tests, and operations, her husband and she have realized that life does not always go on the way we map it.


Infertility can be a source of frustration, as a woman finds her selves on the wrong side of the statistics. Social dishonor intensifies the pain of infertility. Infertility treatments have provided millions of people around the world to make the families they so extremely desire. Yet, as by means of other medical treatments, they have boundaries.


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However, HCG Pregnyl 5000 IU 10000 IU is a commonly used medication for the treatment of infertility in a woman and men has not gone through menopause. It contains a hormone that upgrades the normal growth of an egg in a woman's ovary and facilitates the release of an egg during ovulation. Pregnyl can also be used to enhance the sperm count in man. Pregnyl is an injectable preparation contains HCG- Human Chronic Gonadotropin as the main active ingredient.


HCG shows actions successfully identical to the luteinizing hormone (LH). It facilitates the growth and maintenance of the corpus lutetium and the formation of progesterone. After HCG administration, final luteinization or maturation of the oocytes occurs and either ovulation can develop when the pregnancy develops placenta itself produce HCG to continue the pregnancy.


Dosing regimen: Commercially Pregnyl 5000 IU-10000 IU is available as injectable preparation advised to use via the intramuscular or subcutaneous route. The dose of this medication varies and depends on the intended indication. For the treatment of infertility, the usually recommended dose is 5000 to 10,000 IU 1 day following the last dose of Menotropins. You can inject under any health care provider. After using this medication, cover the injection site with a small bandage if necessary.


Use of Pregnyl may likely to show some side effects such as pain, bruising, swelling, nausea, vomiting, rash, or redness at the injection site, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, nausea, and headache, fatigue, nausea, pain, headache, irritability, swelling, bruising, or redness at the injection site, restlessness, and tiredness.


A patient should follow some precautions for the effective and successful effect of HCG Pregnyl such as while using this medication you may have to go for certain lab tests. Do not use, in allergic condition to any ingredient or experiencing diseases like severe liver and kidney, brain disease and cardiac disorder. Excuse yourself from driving or execute any unsafe work until you feel well as this medication may show dizziness. Leave the use of alcohol along with Pregnyl to prevent the unconscious effects. While taking Pregnyl, discuss with the doctor about the possible risk of multiple births, blood clots, enlarged ovaries. Women, who are already pregnant or lactating, should not consume this medication.



Where to buy HCG Pregnyl 5000 IU and 10000 IU?


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