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Conceiving twins

Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad
Jan. 13, 2011

A homoeopathic paediatrician, a counselling expert and a freelance writer are a few words to describe my profession. My sole aim is to put forth practical piece of information that guides every one right in the direction, blending the medicos to a layman with a simple gesture to make the medical things a little less convoluted and comprehendible.


Getting two at the price of one seems a wise deal, and when it comes to kids parents desperately want to have a twin pregnancy and take benefits. Some with job responsibilities or quick finish up or just for experience sake desire to have multiple pregnancies, here though things look very simple and easy but trust this is not the case; for sure the mother has to be doubly involved and cared upon; here one will just save some time. Also risks remain involved with twins.

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy will also be multiply marked, double the nausea, double the trouble and double the signs in a twin conception respectively.

How to conceive twins naturally?

Medicine has progressed extents and also aid medications for ovulation that may help raise chances for a multiple conception. But until and unless indicated these medicines are not to be played with, these are only for females who suffer issues and are not able to ovulate on own, and should always be consumed under strict medical vigilance. Apart from the medicine section, there are a few natural measures that can help conceive twins, though their use is not a sure short formula but have proved their worth in the field. Evidences strongly suggest their role in the required and have helped many couples enjoy the bliss:

Yams: these tuber like roots readily available in bazaars is a natural aid for ovulations, the root with continual use stimulates for a multiple gestation. Many who know prepare yams on regular basis to feed a would-be-mother. The yams are easily available and are a delight food to be consumed that taste somewhat similar to potatoes. Twice a week preparation of yams can do the trick.   

Folic acid: the aid we all know is to be consumed from the beginning of gestation or let’s say as soon as a mother realises conception. Folic acid not only helps the initial phases of brain development of the new life but also if adopted before conception can raise the chances of a twin pregnancy by many folds. 5 mg supplementation of folic acid on daily basis a month or two before conceiving can make your ways perfect for a double or triple surprise. Though medical advice must be sorted for sure and keep things safe and sound.  

Weight gain: this seemingly looks odd and bulky but studies show that females who have put on a little weight before conception are more likely to have multiples. But here it doesn’t means consuming random and getting over by 10 to 15 pounds, just 2 to 3 pounds can do the needful. 

So if you are a couple wanting a twin pregnancy and never want to adopt the artificial means can sure give the above a try. They are all innate and can only benefit and no harm indeed, intricate them wise and timely to get blessed with multiples. These natural tools can sure open gateways for a happy family with twins.

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