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Himalayan Salt Walls Combine Interior Design and Wellness Goals

Samantha Perkins
Jan. 19, 2017

Himalayan Salt Walls

Once in awhile, our line of work exposes us to something truly remarkable. In particular, after recently having the pleasure of designing a luxurious home spa for one of our clients, we fell in love with a unique interior designer consultation about an idea or element that was used for the project. This standout element is known as a Himalayan Salt Wall. This particular wall provides a wide range of overall health benefits, as well as a one-of-a-kind aesthetic quality that adds an extra element of cohesion to any home spa with an eye on trends. Here are some of the different factors that make the Himalayan Salt Wall worth looking into:

Air Quality

The exotic Himalayan Salt blocks that comprise the walls actively purify the air of a dirty remodel that they are located in. This, in turn, provides immense relief for certain respiratory conditions such as seasonal allergies or asthma. The minerals present in the salt naturally cleanse the air without the risks of synthetic air purification methods.

Mineral Content and Skin Health

Himalayan Salt is thought to be the purest salt available on Earth. It contains over 80 different minerals that are free of harmful toxins or pollutants. Salt of this purity can also help to purify your skin and increase its overall health. Your skin has never looked healthier than it will after a few lengthy spa treatments involving Himalayan Salt.

Installation and Versatility

A Himayalan Salt Wall can be installed in a similar manner as a traditional brick wall. With this in mind, it's easy to imagine all the possibilities of the Himalayan Salt wall. In specific, the salt blocks do not have to be used specifically for spa treatment purposes. Many individuals who use Himayalan Salt blocks do so in food preparation spaces, such as a kitchen or even a dining room. The minerals mentioned earlier have anti-bacterial properties that can naturally cleanse your meal as it's being prepared. In addition, the salt blocks can be back-lit in order to enhance the aesthetics that the wall provides.

Healthier Living

Overall, Himayalan Salt is a unique material that can add an immense degree of comfort, sanitation, and visually pleasing aesthetic to any room in your house. While many choose to use the Himayalan Salt Wall for the purposes of a home spa, the natural cleansing properties are perfect for just about anywhere. We were really blown away by the difference that the Himayalan Salt Wall made for our recent client, and would recommend it to most anyone.
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