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''Living in hell with Endometriosis''

May 8, 2011

I am an endo patient, still tryig to conceive.


Endometriosis is a painful disorder of the female reproductive system. It is a condition in which tissues similar to the lining of the uterus(endometrium) grow in other parts of the body, somewhere outside the uterus.

When you menstruate, the endometrial lining, also called endometrial tissue is discharged out of your body along with the menstrual flow. If you have endometriosis, the tissue from the lining of the uterus also gets lodged outside your uterus, in other parts such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries, or your pelvis 

The endometrial tissue that has implanted itself outside your uterus, also develops inflammation and bleeding just like the endometrial tissue inside your Uterus. It thickens, breaks down and bleeds every month as your hormones levels rise and fall. Since there is no outlet for this accumulated blood, it is caught in there and causes irritation to the surrounding tissues leading to the growth of cyst. Cysts may result in scar tissue in your pelvic area. All this can be very painful, especially during your period.

How will you know when you have endometriosis?

A painful menstruation with cramps, 

Lower abdominal pain,

Painful intercourse,

Pain during ovulation,

Most woman do not know that they have endometriosis and take that the menstruation pain is normal. When married, a woman becomes aware as to why they could not conceive. So infertility is also a symptom of endometriosis.

My personal experience with Endemetriosis.

When I was in my teenage, I usually have mild cramps just before my periods. The pain just went away when menstruation blood comes out. I never take it seriously as I thought many girls are having the same problem like me. As months and years passed by I noticed that the pain is getting worse. Still I take it lightly and took ibuprofen (NSAID) to relief the pain. Of course it helps and am having a big relief. I keep on taking whenever I have menstruation pain. 

When I got married i found out that I could not tolerate the pain without taking NSAID and after a year of trying to conceive I came to know  it's all because of the pain associated with ENDOMETRIOSIS! 

Me and my husband consult a gynecologist and he advice a laparascopy surgery to remove the endometrioma cyst. Without going for a second opinion I agree for the surgery as I want to be pain free. But NO it was not and comes back after 6-7 months and experience the same pain. Again we consult our doc and he advice I shoud try my level best to conceive as pregnancy is the the only solution to cure the disease. At that time the cyst on both the ovaries are big and they will keep recurring if I don't get pregnant. For the time bieng I took oral contraceptive pills to slow the growth of endometriosis but as these pills cannot be taken for a long time I thought of doing another laparascopy and will really try our best to conceive. Still no pregnancy occur after clearing the displaced tissues and the yummy chocolate cyst.

What to do next? We have wasted lots of time, money and efforts with no success. I told my husband it's better if we take a gap for a few months without medicines and see what happen. Wow, I feel like crying as I have to stay in bed every month during the menstrual cycle because the pain is severe and unbearable. I have to arrange my duties with my colleagues every painful month. The pain is worse that I feel so weak to talk to anyone who came to visit me. I also sweat sometimes during the painful mense.

We have heard about ivf and it's proceedure and the expensive cost but still I have faith that my body will be able to heal. I try to eat healthy with more milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables but with no success. With no patience my mother told me to opt for ivf. We schedule our appointment with our doc and when we talk we take the option of going again for another laparascopy before ivf. We agreed. After the two weeks wait, my husband is happy as he thought he'll soon become a father. But tears running from my eyes tells my husband that the hcg test is negative. I said I feel like I'm living in hell with this painful endometriosis.

Next week i joined my duty and everyone was asking how i feel, and said that I look fine, because you know this disease will not show symptoms to others and ONLY THE SUFFERER KNOWS THE PAIN.

I have to face the pain again when my first ivf failed. For a year I always took ibuprofen to ease the pain. 

I keep telling my husband that I want a child and scared of facing menstruation pain. Shall we consult another doctor if removal of the ovaries and uterus is possible and what are the side effects. The second doctor said I have been having the best treatment and better bear the pain than removing your ovaries because they secretes hormones and it will naturally cure after menopause. My goodness me I'm in my mid thirties when will I menopause? For how long do I have to face this monthly pain? 

I told my husband 'We'll try another second chance through ivf'. A few months later, we attempt a second ivf. I was happy when my doc said that my embryos are good. I thought this time maybe it'll be success. But again NO BABY for me. I thought this ivf only promising patients but if failed it is really frustrating. I know that with endometriosis there's only a 10% chance of success rate. But because I could not bear the pain I gap only for a year and try another 3rd ivf. But this time I'm used to failed ivf so I didn't give so much hope. No wonder, it failed again. I ask myself how much money do I have spent for curing this disease?

I always have the inner voice that one day my diseae will be cure But how?

I did some research from books and internet and I found out that only homeopathy, naturopathy and herbs will cure this disease. Still I don't know for sure but I'm still trying.

I consult a homeopathy and he advice a tvs. The tvs report shows enlarged and muliple cyst on the right ovary, retroverted and bulky uterus. Endometrium is pushed anteriorly I don't where and adenomyosis. Based on the reports he prescribed me medicines of Dr Reckeweg. To my surprise only 2 months after homeo medication I was pain free and I continue the medicine for 3 months. After this I did another tvs which shows endometrial lining appears normal and the ovaries just appear cystic not those yummy chocolate cyst again. Thanks to homeopathy.

Along with homeo I also change my diet and took some herbs like spirulina, maca, flaxseed oil and evening primrose oil. 

I just want to make an awareness to all woman who suffer from painful menstruation pain not to take it lightly as it indicates many problems.

This is just my experience what I'm going through with endometriosis.

Wishing a good health to all Endo Patients.

Comments on this Article:
Posted By : Anonymous         on :July 15, 2011

best article for eno patients

Posted By : Anonymous         on :June 24, 2013

Hi, I'm really interested to know how things are going on with you now And if you could specify which particular Dr.Reckeweg medicine you took for endometriosis polyp. I read about R39 which is for the cyst, but want to know if you took that for polyp as well or some other.

Posted By : Anonymous         on :Jan. 14, 2014

i have same problem can you please tell me which medicine you have taken of dr reckewage

Posted By : Fatoumata Traore         on :Jan. 31, 2015

I have same problem I need help I have heavy pain please tell me the medication

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