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Medical abortion is safe & advised

Nicholas Howard
Jan. 29, 2015

Nicholas howard health specialist, MD with 20+  years of experience in healthcare, and writer of many pharmacy companies. Writes latest news, blogs and articles on abortion pill, MTP kit and medical abortion. have received M.D and B.S(Biology) from Harvard university.

Abortion Pills are emergency terminating medicines for unwanted pregnancy cases and Medical abortion is the process termed for the use of Abortion Pills.

Medical abortion with Abortion Pill effective

A case during survey has revealed that the process of medical abortion is considered as safe.  Medical abortion involves making use of the Abortion Pills as the effective medicine during the entire process. It involves making use of these pills on a timely process. A user under the first 7 or 9 weeks is recommended to make use of the abortion pills within the period of consult the doctor in case there is a scenario where user exceeded the period.

Medical abortion causes pregnancy termination without the requirement of surgical equipments and effectively. Majority of the women across the globe recommend using Abortion Pills as it makes the process feel more natural and easy to understand. With medical Abortion, one experiences the natural case of pregnancy termination as the user doesn’t have to opt for surgical tensions and pressures caused due to it.
Medical abortion with Abortion Pills require understanding about the process as it is although safe but not recommended for few cases where the pregnancy case involves prenatal development out of the womb and those who are above the pregnancy period which is above 9 weeks / 63 days.

It is of major importance to know that during the process, one will experience issue such as heavy bleeding and strong case of stomach cramping session during the process and one is required to take necessary precautions during the process.

How does Medical Abortion with Abortion Pills benefit the user
1) Privacy:
A user who wishes to conduct the process of medical abortion can easily make use of the product as it involves complete session in privacy facility. One can positively conduct the process in privacy mode by maintaining complete confidentiality. No requirement of external assistance is required on normal mode as the user can actively consume and undergo the changes.

2) FDA approved: The medicine is FDA approved which provides one the confidence to the user to consume during such emergencies.

What does medical abortion include:

Abortion Pill is an active medicine pack that involves making use of the anti-progesterone based medicines actively to conduct termination of the unwanted case of pregnancy and which is under the prescribed period of time.

The medicine involves:
1) Mifepristone 200mg single tablet.
2) Misoprostol 200mcg each and four (4) tablets.

How the process works for abortion pills
During the period, the user is required to consume the tablets in the below provided format:

1) Mifepristone: The medicine is recommended for oral consumption. Mifepristone dosage involves a 200 mg strength and contains a single tablet for consumption. Users are required to consume Mifepristone orally with a glass of water. The medicine involves anti-progesterone component that actively helps in conducting the process of termination. The medicine prevents the involvement of progesterone hormone which is highly required for the process of pregnancy continuation. With prevention of the process, the body finds timely termination and then it causes one to have breaking of the uterus lining. During the process the person experiences strong case of abdominal cramping and vaginal bleeding.

2) Misoprostol: The medicine comes with a count of 4 (four) of 200mcg each. Although there are 2 methods of consumption i.e. oral and vaginal measures, the user is recommended to consume the medicine orally for better inputs. Misoprostol helps in by causing expelling of the dead embryo out of the body. The medicine is to be consumed orally and strictly needs to be placed under the tongue during the consumption process.

The timing involves consuming Misoprostol after a period of 1 or 3 days of consuming Mifepristone. The medicine enhances the process of quick abortion by expelling the content in the womb by causing contraction in the womb which medically makes the womb expel the dead embryo out of the body.

The user is also guided if required to consult at the clinic after a period of 14 days.

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