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Medical abortion method offers women privacy for pregnancy termination

Feb. 21, 2017

I am Anna Nilson, researching on medical abortion. I am an accomplished researcher on various medical subjects and associated with, where my blog appears quite often.  I advise women on how to terminate a 7 to 9 week fetus through abortions pills .Cornering web as a medium in creating awareness on gynecological health, I often hold webinars, write articles, and e-learning tutorials for females from all over the world. 

Almost every woman wishes a medical treatment that can be dealt confidentially, yet very effective. It might seem next to impossible, however for early abortion, it is possible. Through medication assistance procedure, women can opt to end pregnancy at home. People can buy abortion pill online, to get delivered to your residence. These medications can help you rid off your undesired pregnancy at home with ease, granting complete privacy.     


What precautions to be taken before having an abortion?


Before consumption of any medicines it is necessary to take care of the precautions. Such is for the abortion pills. Prior to administration of the tablets get the ultrasound done to identify your pregnancy status, as well as the gestational period of your pregnancy. If your pregnancy is within 10 weeks or less and uncomplicated, you are eligible for the medical procedure.


While going through the abortion procedure women might face some rare and expected side effects, which include:


  • Heavy Bleeding
  • Stomach cramping
  • Abdomen pain
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Tiredness


In order to overcome these side effects, you can carry some large sized sanitary pads, comfortable clothes, heating pads, thermometer, etc.  


If you find any complications in your pregnancy, like if it is an ectopic pregnancy, then it has to be operated by doctor to remove the extra-uterine fetus. Also, if a woman if older than 35 years or a smoker, or a drinker, it is recommended to consult a doctor before taking any steps to terminate the pregnancy.


Once prepared to undergo self-induced abortion, you can purchase the medication like Mifeprex and Misoprostol. Keep a helpline of nearest hospital, just in case of any emergency arises.


How to privately carry out an abortion?


When you choose to terminate your pregnancy at home in private, it is also very essential to obtain the abortion pills at home at an exact time and to keep it hidden from the public’s judgment. There are number of online abortive services that provide you a discreet packaging system, when you order the pills. This service also helps women to access pregnancy termination without notifying their family members, who might discourage them from aborting.


While undergoing self-induced medication abortion, ask for a support of a person, whom you trust. The one you trust will not disclose your intensions to others. After acquiring safe abortion pills, take Mifeprex pill from the pack. This anti-progesterone pill will begin ceasing production of hormone, which actually helps pregnancy parts to grow. The cervix also broadens and dilates; this detaches the pregnancy parts from the uterine lining.


 After 2-3 days of this process, use 4 misoprostol pills either buccally or vaginally. Your womb will experience contractions that clear away obstruction for the fetus and make it come out from vagina with beginning of heavy menstrual bleeding. Both the medicines run pregnancy termination smoothly.


How to take care of oneself after terminating pregnancy?


When you will bleed from vagina when pregnancy is ending, you need to make use of sanitary pads, which you will be carrying with you. The bleeding you may experience is generally heavy and accompanied with big clots and fetus particles.

Therefore, you also need to get necessary items like tissues and anti-septic powder and healthcare products, which you may like to use for comfort. Avoid having intercourse after the process is completed.  


Your side effects can be healthily managed by using antibiotics. Once you’re completed with the abortion procedure, visit to a doctor after 14 days to check whether the abortion has been successful or not. Abortion pills neither affects future pregnancy nor these medications cause any type of health issues.


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