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Pregnancy and health

Dr. Ankur
Aug. 26, 2010

9 months of gestation as we all know brings in a lot of happiness but along with it comes responsibility to take care and make every step towards a healthy baby. A pregnant female within the changing biology is ought to experience some unusual symptoms, these should be regarded as part and parcel and not a worry to ponder. Though these symptoms co exist but it is of utmost importance to realise their nature and know their severity to judge and act better. Any deviation from the normal scenario may be an indication of an expert opinion. Let’s understand this normal scenario of pregnancy to reveal a better insight on the subject:

Nausea and vomiting

Morning sickness as well known from years is observed soon after getting out of the bed particularly a month following a missed period and subsides by the end of the third month. The causation is the rise of the hormones in circulation along with the psychological impact. Here assurance, advice to move the limbs for a few minutes before getting out of the bed or taking a few biscuits before rising from the bed and avoiding fatty food or liquid diet empty stomach are usually enough to relieve. If these fail to improve then glucose drinks are advisable to replenish. Here the thin line to consult a doctor is a stage which doesn’t revert with the above measures and incapacitates a mother to undertake even routine activities.  


This appears in varied degrees usually in the later months of pregnancy. Massaging, rest and medications help to relive of the agony. A doctor is to be brainstormed if the condition turns severe and disturbs sleep extensively.


Constipation is quite common ailment during pregnancy. Under the hormonal influences on the digestive tract along with decreased physical activity and pressure of the bulky uterus are a few possible explanations to difficult stools. High fibre diet full of green leafy vegetables and a mild laxative is advisable to disperse discomfort.

Acidity and heart burn

Irregular bowel movements often result in such symptoms. Here diet plays a crucial role and a regulated one sure makes a lot of difference. Antacids are often prescribed after meals to digest and leave no signs of acid formation / regurgitation.

Varicose veins

Veins getting torturous with rising uterine size are common. It is due to the obstruction of the venous system by the pregnant uterus. Elevation of the limbs while asleep along with crepe bandages is helpful to restore. Symptomatic temporary relief is what is targeted and no specific treatment of the condition is to be applied. These varicosities soon fade out after delivery and need no further intervention to heal the trouble.

With torturous veins and constipation in existence an infrequent possibility of piles can’t be ignored. Bleeding per anum is to be checked with local measures and surgery is to be withheld as the condition is seen to sharply improve with delivery.

Swollen feet

Fluid retention as evidenced with excessive weight gain is common to observe and need no treatment though possibilities of pre -  eclampsia have to be excluded in marked cases. Swelling subsides with the elevation of the limbs while asleep that can be done by placing a pillow underneath.

The above minor ailments trouble the 9 months period but it is the female who need to accept it with grace and chirpiness for a new life. And always keep in synch with your gynaecologist for any issue and never let the small symptoms overpower your happiness. 

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