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Dr. Shikha khandelwal
June 24, 2010

I am a homoeopathic doctor, who passionately follows this wonderful art.

Tips for travelling during pregnancy

The most important thing to keep in mind while travelling during pregnancy is comfort. First you be comfortable with the idea of travel during pregnancy. For that consult your practitioner first, resolve all your doubts, if any, you have for travelling during pregnancy. That will really help alleviating all your doubts. For a comfortable and safe trip, plan everything in advance so that you don’t have last minute problems to tackle to. Be it the way you want to travel, where to travel, where to stay, plan everything in advance keeping in mind the comfort for you and your baby.

Try to avoid travel during first three months; these are the months in which most abortions take place. After that it is a relatively safe period. Last month is the time when delivery can take place anytime irrespective of your due date, so do keep this in mind while planning a trip to a remote place, it’s better to stay well connected to readily available medical facilities.

Avoid all those activities that may take a toll on your heart. Activities affecting your heart and circulation like paragliding, scuba diving and activities that can cause you to fall or may hurt your abdomen like horse riding should be avoided.

Wear comfortable clothes. Lose fitting clothes are good for you especially if you are visiting a humidity rich place. And moreover it gives you and your baby breathing space.

Wearing heels is a big no -no. Wearing comfortable shoes, preferably open toed ones, is very important, so that it doesn’t tire your feet and give you room in case of any swelling of legs which may occur due to long travels. If you are prone to swelling of feet in pregnancy, which may occur in later pregnancy due to increasing weight and varicose veins,  it’s good to wear maternity support panty hose which keeps circulation going in legs.

Some essentials in your handbag or carry bag

-          good hand sanitizer, tissue papers, and sanitary wipes

-          bottled water to keep yourself hydrated

-          some high energy snacks like dried nuts, biscuits, chocolates or homemade stuff like mathri, khakra with less salt content for the times you feel hunger pangs

-          Your medical record. Information about your blood group and other medical record is very essential.

-          Your medicines, never take anything without your doctors permission.



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