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Your Options for Maternity Services

Ati Agrawal
Dec. 24, 2014

In order to be able to choose the best option from the available maternity services, you must know the available models of care and check whether you can find those that interest within your vicinity. You must always remember that all professional maternity care providers must prioritize the wellbeing of the mother and the child and that a professional midwife is the best carer you can get during this time. Midwives work in teams collaborating with other medical professionals such as doctors and nurses, among others.  

What Are Your Choices?

When it comes to the time when you must choose the right professional to take care of your child’s birth, there are a number of options that you can choose from.  

These include:

  • Private Maternity hospitals
  • Self-employed midwives
  • Private obstetricians
  • Public hospitals
  • When to Make the Choice

You must make the choice the moment you decide to get pregnant or discover that you are already pregnant. Assuming that everything is planned, you need to think ahead and make the right choices from the choice of a gynaecologist. Think long term and about the services that you will need such pregnancy services and subsequent child healthcare. It is not wise to hop from one health service provider to the other at every stage of your reproductive life. This leaves a lot of professionals in your wake who have bits and pieces of your medical history. This information could be put to good use if it is accumulated and managed in a single place.

The best option is always to pick quality end to end services right from the outset. There are a number of services that have become a norm in all reputable maternity service providers around the globe.

What’s The Right Menu?

The right menu of services that should be offered by the right service provider include:

  • Gynaecology
  • Maternity
  • Cryonics (banking your child’s stem cells from the umbilical cord blood)
  • Child intensive care
  • Paediatrics

Take a tour of the service provider that make it to your shortlist and talk to the professionals in every institution, observe, and also talk to a few expecting mothers using the facilities. Do some more research on the providers online and make sure you register on time. Buy all the preparation items and arrange for transport to take you to the hospital when the first pangs of labour pain start hitting you.

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