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Abdomen/uterine symptoms never experienced before

asked by Jade     on: Nov. 27, 2013
Last reply : Nov. 27, 2013

About 3 weeks ago I started experiencing pains through my abdomen. Like menstrual cramps but more localized to the right side. 3 days ago I experienced about 4-5 hours of premenstrual bleeding. It was "old blood" brown in colour. I am not due for my period for another week and I have my tubes clamped (6 years approx). I have never experienced this before and have never experienced any sort of premenstrual bleed or break through bleeding (have had my period for approx 18 yrs). I have been treated for cervical cancer 3 times (after childbirth) and suffer from ovarian cysts. Any idea what could cause this?

Posted By : anirudh         Posted on :Nov. 27, 2013


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