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abnormal discharge

asked by Anonymous     on: Aug. 24, 2013
Last reply : Aug. 25, 2013

I had anal sex on 27 april on 29 april my period was started which was normal after that I had severe left and right abdomen pain with yellowish vaginal discharge which later followed by brownish discharge.I went to doc and she prescribed me ciploxz tablet and also did urine test for pregnancy which came negative but there was no relief to me after getting this med so I went to another doc on last week of june. She insert an instrument in my vagina to check cervix which was normal and then she told me for some blood test and sonography which came normal ..sometime I also saw brownish anus discharge when I put tissue just on my anus.I told doc about it and she told me leave it rt now.After it my abdomen pain was removed but my last cycle and this cycle was not normal .i saw large amount of blood clots rather than blood .I also have vaginal burning with sometimes watery or sometime brownish discharge from around a month and slight burning in anus hole too. I went to doc she again insert instrument in vagina and told me everything was normal and also insert figure in my anus that was also normal and that time no brownish discharge from anus .i have rashes on stomach too.sometime I saw movement from right abdomen to upper abdomen.But I m not feeling well till now.wt type of disesase it is.

Posted By : anirudh         Posted on :Aug. 25, 2013


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