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asked by ashwini     on: June 16, 2013
Last reply : Aug. 21, 2013

hi, i am 27 year old mother. I have two kids. one is 2 year old and second is five month old. After my second delivery two months later my husband wants to test my brest milk. i deny, but i breastfeeding him our sex time. my husband is a lust of my breast milk. Daily night i breastfeeding my husband like baby. I also enjoy that time. Is any problem for my baby or me? Is it essential for sex. i want a detailed answers pls. Thansks

Posted By : anirudh         Posted on :July 27, 2013


visit & consult with doctor free of cost

Posted By : maxscott05         Posted on :Aug. 21, 2013

There is noting harmful, if you breastfeed you hubby daily. Actually, it is good for his health. Don't worried for that. Just enjoy.

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