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Dr Kaushiki dwivedee

Dengue and Pregnancy

asked by Dr Kaushiki dwivedee     on: Sept. 10, 2010

<p>Its the peak of Dengue cases and Pregnant ladies are also at risk.<br /><br />Effect of Dengue on Pregnancy : Due to high grade tempeatue there is increased risk of miscarriage but no structural defect is noted in the babies.Babies born immediately after or during dengue fever in a pregnant lady can have neonatal dengue.Once the acute phase is over Pregnancy is uneventful.<br /><br />Effect of Pregnancy on Dengue:A Dengue affected pregnant lady is no more at risk than any other person.</p>
<p>The overall managment remain the same as for Dengue i.e antipyretics,fluids and Platelets if counts fall down to the recommended range or if there is associated bleeding</p>
<p>Thus Dengue in Pregnancy needs conservative and supportive managment and certainly doesn't need termination of Pregnancy<br /><br /></p>


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