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feeling pain during feeding

asked by priya from Bangalore     on: Aug. 2, 2011
Last reply : Aug. 3, 2011

hi doctor, i have 2 daughters little one is just 15 days old....
i feel pain while pain when i feed her???? should i take any medicine????

Posted By : Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad         On :Aug. 3, 2011

Breastfeeding mothers who experience sore nipples or sore breasts may also feel pain while nursing. You should consult with your doctor or lactation consultant about the problem to find out specifically what your injury or problem requires.

Here are two general treatments for nipple pain and breast soreness that might help:

Make sure your baby is using an effective latch. If his latch isn't effectively pulling milk from your breasts, then there's a good chance he's injuring the nipples or breast tissue. A certified lactation consultant can help troubleshoot any latch problems you and your baby are having. You might want to check out the help-with-latching videos in this article for some assistance, as well.
Empty your breasts regularly, either by pumping or by frequent breastfeeding. It is safe to keep nursing through plugged ducts, milk blisters, and mastitis--in fact, keeping nursing is part of the therapy. If there is severe nipple trauma, then you may want to opt to pump on the affected breast until you've healed somewhat

Posted By : Dr. Richa Thukral         On :Aug. 3, 2011

dr shalini is absolutely right ,improper feeding technique is the most common cause of sore nipples..the baby's gums should be approximated to the areola around the nipple during brestfeeding and not on the tip of the nippple to prevenrt soreness...if you have sore nipples you can use a nipple shield for a few days till they heal,nipcare ointment can also be applied in between feeds

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