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Fish report clarification

asked by Anonymous from Chennai     on: Sept. 25, 2012

I have done amnio in my 20 th week ,since my TST was positive.i am 24 th week pregnant now.The result is as follows

Nuc ish. 21q22(D21S59* 2) 50 cells

Nuc ish 13q14 (LSI 13*2). 50 cells

nuc ish 18 p11.1- q11.1 (D18Z1 *2). 50 cells

nuc ish {X cen (DXZ1) & nuc ish Y cen (DYZ3) }*2. 50 cells

The report says it is normal fish report.but I want to confirm with u doctor.and one more thing I really wanted to ask u that can u pls tell me the sex of my baby by seeing this sex chromosomes?pls doctor..expecting ur reply as early as possible.


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