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suman sahu

frequent urination

asked by suman sahu     on: March 24, 2014
Last reply : March 25, 2014

, i am suffering from frequent urination since 22nd march night (2 nights). it occurred suddenly while i was studying around 9:00 pm. approximately 8 to 10 times that night.
last evening (23rd march) i felt pain under my stomach and it carried whole night. and today again i am facing the frequent urination.

mam, its a fact that i am not virgin and had protected compilation before a week with my guy. i was searching about solution to this frequent urination. and i found that its also a symptoms for pregnancy. hence i took the Pregnancy test twice in morning and evening after a good sleep. and i was negative both the time.
so, please i need some guidance and medicine to over come this problem. or u may suggest some better way to control this. i am awaited for your Reply

Posted By : anirudh         Posted on :March 25, 2014


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