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Anjana sharma

pregnency in diabetes

asked by Anjana sharma from Jalandhar     on: June 14, 2011
Last reply : July 3, 2011

I m 36 yrs. 8 yrs ago i had tube pregnency my left tube is ruptured. in 2009 i went for IVF but it failed can i become mother. I m also Diabetic taking medicines.pls suggest me

Posted By : Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad         On :June 14, 2011

See reading your odds the chances of pregnancy I am sorry are not high. But you still stand a chance, firstly before taking this forward I would like to know your history, how long you have been married, How many times have you concieved in total, how many kids you have at present and at what age,and were your earlier deliveries normal, Did you earlier too faced diabetes?

Revert back so that proper advice can be given. 

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