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asked by Anonymous     on: Feb. 22, 2014

Every time we have sex with my boyfriend I keep getting ripped when he enters. I am not a virgin, we've been together for four years now so I should have get used to his size which is quite large/thick (don't know how to say). Even when I am very wet I get ripped at the bottom of my vulva, where the vagina opening ends (hope you get the idea, that side where anus is). It really does heal properly before we do it again, but every single time when he enters is quite painful as if I am not wide enough at the bottom of my vagina (it's kind of difficult to explain the feeling, somehow the pain is a little bit burning (I do not have any STDs or infection; 100% sure)).
After making love, if I go to the bathroom it burns and is painful AS HELL. It really hurts the next day and I can still feel something after 3-4 days.

Is there anything that I could do? Because I don't think that lubrication is the problem.


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