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Abortion, Inevitable


Abortion, inevitable is a condition in which spontaneous termination is required that cannot be prevented. In the condition, uterix cervix becomes dilated and fetal placental materials have yet to be expelled from the uterus. An undeniable fact is that this kind of abortion usually changes into complete abortion.

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There has been a raging row over accessibility of safe pregnancy termination methods. Be it surgical or medical process, reaching those services is a problem for many. The clash between pro-lifers and pro-choice campaigners are quite loud on news everyday. Some of the recent updated include legalizing of RU486 pill in Canada, pregnancy termination service providers to maintain ambulatory services etc. So, is ending a pregnancy ethical or not is a question that has taken over the world recently.


The main cause of the inevitable abortion is the dilation of the cervix due to which abortion is bound to occur. The other causes of the condition vary from genetic, hormonal abnormalities, tissue rejection to reproductive tract infections. A few health conditions like hypothyroidism, diabetes, high blood pressure during pregnancy period, etc may result in inevitable abortion.

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Signs & Symptoms

Some of the common symptoms that a woman experiences during inevitable abortion are heavy bleeding, uterine or lower abdominal cramping, etc.

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By controlling some causes of the condition like blood pressure, diabetes, etc, abortion can be prevented.

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Surgical method Modern Medicine

The treatment of abortion-inevitable aims at preventing any infection and removing placental materials out from the uterus. And surgical method is adopted to remove the material.

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