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Abortion, Spontaneous


Abortion, spontaneous is a condition that results in expulsion of embryo or fetus before the 20-22th week of pregnancy. In simple words, it can be said that the spontaneous abortion is the one which is not induced. Statistically, it has been believed that approximately 20-25% of the cases are categorized under spontaneously abort. It is a very common condition and it does affect the fertility of woman even if it occurs once or twice in the lifetime. Spontaneous abortion is one of the forms of abortion.

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Spontaneous abortion occurs due to natural cause or any accidental trauma a person faces during 20-22week of gestation.  During the first trimester of spontaneous abortion, the chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus are considered as the most common cause. The other common causes of the condition are hormonal problems, vascular disease, infection, etc. Stress is also counted among one of the cause of spontaneous abortion

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Signs & Symptoms

Vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, fever, etc are some of the common symptoms of the condition.

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Stress should be avoided during the gestation period. 

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D and C Modern Medicine

The main aim of treating the condition is to alleviate the symptoms. Symptoms like bleeding, fever can be easily treated through antibiotics. Other treatment aims at removing the remains of the embryonic fragments and the uterus lining. Taking adequate bed rest and avoiding intercourse is also recommended by health experts in some cases. This is done through minor surgery known as D&C.

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