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Adenomyosis is condition in which supporting tissues and endometrial glands occur in the uterus. Due to the growth of gland tissues during menstrual cycle, blood and the old tissue becomes incapable of escaping from the uterine muscle, and thus flow out of cervix as a part of normal menses. The condition is mostly found in women of age group 35-50 years who have had children. The disease is also recognized with its alternative names like Adenomyoma and Endometriosis interna.  Sometimes, it happens that Adenomyosis leads to Adenomyoma, growth or mass within the uterus.

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Causes of Adenomyosis are unknown till today. Still, it is believed that any kind of uterine trauma that results in breaking barrier between myometrium and endometrium may result in causing it.

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Signs & Symptoms

With Adenomyosis, it is commonly observed that patients show less or no symptoms. However, some of the most common symptoms of the condition are- prolonged and heavy menstrual bleeding, painful periods, pelvic pain during intercourse, etc.

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As such, no prevention prevails of the disease. 

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

Treatment of Adenomyosis ranges from NSAIDS medication to therapy, but that does not exhibit long term beneficial results. Progesterone therapy or medications like Danazol, etc are recommended by health professionals for reducing uterus’ size and treating the pain. Heavy bleeding is controlled by giving birth control pills. Sometimes, those women who are experiencing severe symptoms of the condition are treated by hysterectomy. If Adenomyosis is caused due to excess of estrogens, then health professionals normally recommend taking of natural supplements of progesterone or avoid taking xenoestrogens containing products

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