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Adolescent Pregnancy


Adolescent pregnancy is a condition in which girls get pregnant at the age of 18-19 years or even younger age. With every passing year, this problem is becoming more acute especially in all parts of the world. It is commonly said that in the U.S. every year app. 9 lakh teenagers become pregnant. And out of this, app 51% ended in live births, 35% in induced abortions and 14% in still birth or miscarriage. Teenage pregnancy, pregnancy-teenage are some other common and alternatives names of adolescent pregnancy.

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There are many reasons which contribute towards adolescent pregnancy. For instance, in young teenage girls (12-14 years), unplanned sexual intercourse is considered as the one of the main causes of early pregnancy. Similarly, in the age group of 18-19 years, less usage of condoms, less knowledge about sexual intercourse, etc are considered as main reasons of this growing trend.

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Signs & Symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms of teenage pregnancy include:

  • Fatigue
  • Missed period
  • Frequent urination
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Abdominal distention
  • Breast enlargement, breast tenderness

There are a lot of economic disadvantages of adolescent pregnancy. Moreover, it affects the academics performances of the affected girls. Therefore, it is necessary to seek immediate medical help in order to get the best and the most suitable treatment for handling the situation carefully.

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Participating in teen pregnancy prevention programs is one of the most effective ways of getting knowledge about how to avoid adolescent pregnancy. These kinds of programs primarily focus on postponing sexual activities until marriage. Some kinds of programs also provide brief information about how to take of yourself in the case you have become pregnant. In those kinds of programs, information about how to use contraceptives, how to avoid sexually transmitted disease, etc are provided. 

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Conservative Psychotherapy

Abortion, adoption, raising the child, etc are considered as some of the treatments of adolescent pregnancy. Detailed discussion with the affected teens, father of the baby and healthcare provider is a must in order to come at a unanimous decision.

Adequate and adequate parental care is mandatory in order to ensure healthier baby. Pregnant girls should avoid smoking, alcohol intake, drug usage, etc as these things may affect the growth of the unborn baby. It is not wrong to say that quitting these habits is not an easy task, therefore, proper support of family members and friends is required to overcome these kinds of situations.

Through required education and community resources, make ensure that adequate nutrition should be given to pregnant teen. Adequate hours of sleep, appropriate and regular exercise is also mandatory condition that should be followed. Moreover, it is important to provide information about contraceptives after delivery, so that chances of becoming again pregnant will reduced.

After the delivery, mothers should be encouraged to continue education, so that they will be able to support themselves as well as their child emotionally as well as financially. Gaining education about affordable and accessible child care is counted among one of the best ways to improve upbringing of the child.

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