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Arrhenoblastoma Of Ovary


Arrhenoblastoma of ovary is a kind of ovarian tumor that discharges testosterone (male hormones) or any other hormones. In other words, it can be said that this kind of tumor secretes testosterone. It is a very rare disease that account for only 0.5 % cases of all ovarian tumors. The disease is also recognized with alternative names like sex cord tumor, stromal tumor, androblastoma and gonadal stromal tumor.  Although, the tumor can be found in any age group women, most commonly it affects the young women.

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Causes of arrhenoblastoma of ovary are unknown. However, it is important to disclose that arrhenoblastoma is a benign condition and does not spread beyond the ovary.

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Signs & Symptoms

Due to release of male hormones, symptoms are experienced by women. Symptoms include:

  • Male pattern baldness
  • Deepening of the voice
  • Acne
  • Increased size of the clitoris
  • Increased hair on the body and the face
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One can prevent the chances of its occurrence by having good gynaecological test each year. As appearance of masculine symptoms helps in detecting the disease and these symptoms are highlighted in the test if anybody is suffering from arrhenoblastoma of ovary. 

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Surgery Modern Medicine

Arrhenoblastoma of ovary is one condition that can be only treated with surgery. Depending upon the condition of an individual, it is decided at that time only whether both ovaries are required to remove or condition can be treated successfully by removing one ovary only. However, if the cancer has spread in the body, then radiation therapy or chemotherapy is recommended by health professionals.

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