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Cervical Dysplasia


Cervical dysplasia is a medical condition where the cells grow abnormally on the surface of the cervix. This indicates precancerous or cancerous cells. Depending upon the number of cell growth this disease can be classified as low grade or high grade. The low grade cervical dysplasia progresses slowly and can get resolved on its own. High grade cervical dysplasia may or may not lead to cervical cancer. Around 30 to 50% of the cervical dysplasia turns out to be invasive cancer at a later stage. 

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Some of the cervical dysplasia is idiopathic. Some are also caused by infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). Other than that cervical dysplasia can also occur in patients suffering from genital warts, early onset of sexual activity, multiple sexual partners, giving birth before age 16, etc. the patients with dietary deficiencies in vitamin A or E or C and selenium are also prone to this disease. HIV or multiple sexually transmitted diseases can also lead to cervical dysplasia. 

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient may experience the following symptoms:-

  • The patient may suffer from abnormal bleeding.
  • There may be spotting after intercourse.
  • The patient may suffer from vaginal discharge.
  • The patient may have low back pain.
  • The patient may also have genital warts.


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There is no way of preventing this disease. Pap smear should be done at the earliest stage of doubt as it is an effective medium of detecting the cervical dysplasia at the earliest stage. Healthy and hygienic livings are some of the other important ways of preventing this disease.


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Surgical Removal Modern Medicine

The treatment may include surgical removal of abnormal tissues. There is no medication for cervical dysplasia. 

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