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Cervical Erosion


Cervical erosion is not exactly a disease.  It is a normal health condition where the inner lining of the cervix starts growing outside the cervix. This growth appears as red velvet- like area and appears as erosion, hence its name. This is a benign condition and does not lead to cervical cancer.

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The cervical erosion is directly related to hormone called oestrogen. It is also seen in young girls or in pregnant women who are on contraceptive pills.

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Signs & Symptoms

In most of the cases there are no symptoms. But in those who have symptoms the following symptoms can follow namely:-

  • The patient may suffer from vaginal discharge without any kinds of infection.
  • Some patients may complain of bleeding after intercourse.
  • Some may also experience bleeding in early pregnancy called cervical erosion.
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There is no prevention for cervical erosion.

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Cryotherapy Modern Medicine

Most of the time, the patient undergoes no treatment due to lack of symptoms. The doctor may give cryotherapy or cauterizing to stop bleeding after the intercourse. This surgery is minor and is done mostly for out-patient.

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