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Cervical Polyps


The cervical polyp is a medical condition where there is benign polyp or the tumor of the cervical canal. This leads to irregular menstrual bleeding. This medical condition is found in post-menstrual and pre-menopausal women. This abnormal growth of the muscle can be found through Pap smear or the regular internal examinations. One or two polyps are normally seen in teenagers or those women who have became pregnant at least once in life. But large number of polyps can be felt by the patient herself. Those cervical polyps that are large can also be felt from outside.

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Most of the time, the underlying cause of cervical polyp is idiopathic in nature. The raised level of estrogen and clogged cervical blood vessel can also lead to this disease. Some health experts also claim that certain kinds of cervical infection or inflammation may lead to this disease.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient may experience the following symptoms namely:-

  • The patient can experience abnormally heavy menstrual periods when the cervical polyp is large.
  • Some of them may also bleed between the periods.
  • Some of the patients may also experience foul smelling discharge from the vagina when this cervical polyp is associated with some kinds of infection.
  • Some patients may also experience vaginal bleeding after douching.
  • Others may experience vaginal bleeding after exercise.
  • Some may experience pinkish or yellow vaginal discharge.
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There is no known prevention for the cervical polyp.

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Polypectomy Modern Medicine

The surgery is one of the most useful methods of treating cervical polyp. This cervical polyp can be removed laser treatment or polypectomy. The doctor may also tie down the base of the polyp to cut down excessive bleeding.

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